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Messrs. POLA Neratovice s.r.o. is a Czech-German company established in 1992. Following to a recession of the sale of prefabricated family houses to FRG the core business became the production of roofs for water treatment plants in Germany. The accumulated know-how we offer directly in the Czech Republic since 1996 as well. With the increasing number of well informed designers also the inland sale increases - see the reference list. In co-operation with a renowned German company Tholander Ablufttechnik GmbG we manufacture also industrial bio-filters and air scrubbers for removal of various odours. Our last innovation are building structures made from laminated plastic profiles, which are suitable preferably for galleries, railing, staircases, ladders. They can be used everywhere, where weather conditions or aggressive environment cause an increased corrosion of classical materials.

Except for the manufacture of roofs for water treatment plants we operate also in the sphere of the made-to-order production. The assortment of our products is therefore very wide - starting with shaped formwork, automobile parts and propagation billboards to hulls of sailing boats. A better image you can obtain by visiting our Internet site on the address www.pola.cz .

Since 1999 we have introduced the quality assurance system according to ISO 9002 certified with the company TUV-CERT Berlin. At present we employ 20 employees and the production volume in 2000 was 60 tons of final products in the value of CZK 15 millions.