Laminate roofs for sewage treatment plants

Roofing tankBrezinchen, SRNTank STP Ústí nad Labem
  • protect health of attendance and that of neighbourhood preventing from leakage of dangerous aerosols
  • prevent leakage of foul odours and protect environment
  • prevent formation of fog and frost cover on walkways and on sevice roads in vicinity - eliminate conditions causing injuries and accidents
  • cut down thermal losses - ameliorate cleaning processes
  • reduce costs otherwise caused by construction of unnecessary long ducts from built-up area to sewage treatment plant

Advantages of laminate roofs

  • low value of weight (10-30 kg/m2)
  • easy transportation, fast assembly and disasembly
  • long durability, high grade of resistance to atmospheric conditions, chemical effects and UV radiation, no need of maintenance
  • airtightness
  • manholes can be made everywhere and even subsequently
  • optional colour combinations provide for architects possibility to create highly esthetic design
  • prices are comparatively low

Laminate roofLaminate roofLaminate roof