Light fibreglass plastic roofs

These light fibreglass plastic roofs which we offer are not of our production. We import them from noted Italian company MAGNI - PLAST. Roofs of this material are not walkable neither airtight. They can be altogether used where are the above mentioned features unnecessary but where are demanded low weight (from 1,5 kg/m2), long service life and easy assembly.

Forms in production

  • Palce plates - flate, corrugated, ribbed (a choice from many dimensions and shapes of profiles and of many thicknesses of material).
  • Arched plates - corrugated, ribbed

We deliver plates together with stainless connection material.

Most used corrugated profiles
Most used corrugated profiles
Examples of various shapes of boards
Examples of various shapes of boards

Examples of applications

Roofs coverings, light-wells, suspensed ceilings, covering of buildings and tanks, covers for pools, garden greenhouses.
Our products comply with basic requirements of Government statue Nr. 175/1997.

We will send you more detailed projects and information on all aforsaid products on your request.

Roof made of dome-shaped parts
Roof made of dome-shaped part